micro, macro, vickers, rockwell, brinell hardness testing Microhardness Testing solution Macrohardness Testing solution Rockwell-Type hardness testers Brinell hardness testers
Brinell hardness testers
micro, macro, vickers, rockwell, brinell hardness testing Microhardness Testing solution Macrohardness Testing solution Rockwell-Type hardness testers

Fully Automatic Macro Hardness Tester with CMT Software for automatic measurements

micro hardness macro hardness rockwell tester brinell tester
Fully Automatic Macro Hardness Tester
Micro Fully Automatic Hardness Tester

Hardware          -          Software
* test loads 0.3,0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 (50) kgf
* automatic loading and releasing
* automatic turret
* 10x & 20x objectives
* hardness standard block (hv800)
* cover and instruction manual
* digital stage micrometers
* self leveling vice with insert ring
* mono usb2 (1.3mp digital camera) w/cable
* CMT software for automatic measurements
* C-Mount camera adapter
* motorized stage 75mm x 50mm travel
* 0.5 mic/step
* autofocus kit for VMT series
* joystick control for X-Y-Z axis


Brochure 1 Tester
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Hardness Tester VMT-X7

Features - Vickers Hardness Tester : VMT-X7
Digital vickers hardness tester VMT series

Color LCD touch panel.
  • Visibility and operativity improve by color LCD touch panel.
  • Four kinds of new measuring mode deploy. (fracture toughness(KC) measuring mode,
    Light-load brinell mode, Xbar mode, Cylindrical correction mode)
  • The assist function which can identify the testing condition which is optimum is carried.
    The testing condition which is optimum can be confirmed by satisfying 2 from 3 condition of thickness, hardness, test load.

Four objective lenses (optional)
Four objective lenses The new turret mechanism enables to observe wide specimen area with up to 4
objective lenses. Placement of an indentation and its reading is more accurate
and repeatable by choice of proper objectives.  

The 8 level test load range
test load range* A standard load changing range is expanded from six phases to eight phases.
* The new model can correspond to a wider measurement condition.

0.01μm measuring
The new model realize 0.01 μm measurement at general magnification 200X - 1,000X.
the new model get possible to measure with accurate numerical value about a small indentation.

0.01μm measuring


When a macro or micro hardness testing solution that produces reliable, accurate and repeatable test results is needed, choose from the Clemex CMT.HD line of (single or dual) hardness testing solutions. Field proven systems, they offer unparalleled capabilities and are fully ASTM E-384 and DIN/ISO 6507 compliant.

Intelligent Workflow - 4 easy steps to run your test
Clemex CMT.HD is the top-of-the-line automated microhardness tester. With 4 easy steps, it provides added precision when positioning indents thanks to its integrated image stitching technique and its layout tools. By visualizing the complete sample, no matter its size, traverses and/or patterns can now be mapped-out with unequaled precision. Auto focusing, and automatic measuring and reporting, allow this system to function unattended, thus increasing throughput and productivity
See the Entire Sample
Place the sample in the sample-holder and, with one click, build a mosaic image of the sample and set reference points for one or more traverses using the annotation tools.
Full Sample View
Set-Up Traverses/Patterns
Open, modify, or create new traverses/patterns using reference points or lines. Traverses and patterns can be individually adjusted.
Click & Walk Away
Clemex CMT.HD intelligently follows the predefined patterns, indents the sample, focuses when needed, measures, and generates data dynamically. Everything is automated, freeing users for other tasks.
Get Results
Review results in graphical and/or tabular format. Export results to the spreadsheet application of your choice, or simply print standard or customized reports.

Intelligent Layout Tools
Positioning reference points and measuring where traverses are to be placed is made easy using the annotation tools in Clemex CMT.HD. Conveniently located on the side of the Image Window, these tools perform multiple functions:
  • Finding the center of the sample
  • Drawing straight and/or parallel lines
  • Adding ticker marks
  • Adding measurements for report purposes
  • And more…

    No matter the complexity of the pattern layout, combining intelligent mosaics with annotation tools allows traverses and/or patterns to be positioned precisely where they are needed.

Intelligent & Precise Positioning
Clemex Mosaic Feature
Clemex CMT.HD is the first ever hardness tester to offer a complete, high definition image of a sample, no matter its size. This innovative feature provides an “aerial view” of the sample, offering sharp close-ups as well as global views. The Mosaic Image makes it possible to position as many as 99 traverses – to within a few micron

Traverse positioned in the middle of the branch and paralleled to the edge

Traverse centered in weld sample

Five traverses perpendicular to edge of gear

Unique Reference Circle Tool
This exceptional tool allows indents to be positioned at precise distances from the sample’s edge. The Reference Circle is the ideal tool for irregular or curved samples, where indents need to be at a given distance from the edge. Used as a visual guide in conjunction with the Stage Pattern Window, once a radius is specified, the distance between indents is determined by a Y value that resets every time a field is added to the pattern.

Test Pattern placed on the edge

Multidirectional Traverses
Thanks to the powerful Clemex Hardness Tester stage control interface, single or multiple traverses/patterns can be rapidly created. Save, copy, or paste traverses/patterns to predefined locations with a simple click of the mouse. The T-Bar tool rotates traverses to any angle to ensure its perpendicularity with the sample edge or to accommodate sample tilt. Up to 99 patterns or traverses can be created, with each traverse comprising up to 32,000 indents.

Rotation tool - T-Bar

3 Perpendicular traverses to the edge

More Options - these links will redirect to Clemex.com
Instantaneous Data Review
Multiple Conversion Tables
Error Free Validation
Report Generation
Precise Imaging Measurements
Repeatable Measurements
Software Illumination Control
Background-Independent Detection
Multi-Purpose Tester

Multiple Samples

Dual Indenter
micro hardness macro hardness rockwell tester brinell tester
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